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To Honor You Call Us (Man of War)

To Honor You Call Us (Man of War) - H. Paul Honsinger It's a really good book. Just read it!

Hex Appeal

Hex Appeal - Simon R. Green, Carrie Vaughn, Carole Nelson Douglas, Lori Handeland, Ilona Andrews, P.N. Elrod, Erica Hayes, Rachel Caine, Jim Butcher I got this for the Ilona Andrews story, which was too short 'cause I always want more of anything she writes...but what there was, was FABULOUS! Loved it!
The rest of the stories were ok. Not OMG great, but ok.

The Mammoth Book of Paranormal Romance

The Mammoth Book of Paranormal Romance - Holly Lisle, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Kelley Armstrong, Carrie Vaughn, Ilona Andrews, Maria V. Snyder, Cheyenne McCray, Mary Jo Putney, Alyssa Day, Michelle Rowen, Jean Johnson, Sara Mackenzie, Anya Bast, Allyson James, Trisha Telep, C.T. Adams, Cathy Clamp, Catherine Mulvany, Ev Grace of Small Magics by Ilona Andrews is the whole reason I bought this.


Scriber - Ben S. Dobson A fantastic book! It's what I have been looking for! Thank you!

Child of the Ghosts (Ghosts, #1)

Child of the Ghosts (Ghosts, #1) - Jonathan Moeller Several spelling/grammatical errors and a few words that were completely wrong for the sentence. Otherwise, I enjoyed the story.

Pumpkin Cookbook

Pumpkin Cookbook - Gooseberry Patch No table of contents...

Harvest Moon

Harvest Moon - Mercedes Lackey, Michelle Sagara West, Cameron Haley It is in my favorites for the Cast in Moonlight by Michelle Sagara.

Thunderbird Falls

Thunderbird Falls - C.E. Murphy I bought this off amazon.com from a seller there, not from amazon itself. It has a big banner on it that says it is NOT FOR SALE and that is an Advance Uncorrected Proofs. The seller did NOT mention that was what I was buying and it Isn't what I wanted.

Death's Daughter

Death's Daughter - Amber Benson I have to admit, I did the horrid thing...I picked a book for it's cover...Ok, not really the cover, the cute puppy on the cover is what drew me in. (Hangs head in shame, 'cause I know better!)

I did not finish this book. I could not get past the ultra whiny, selfish, stuck up, judgmental, needy and fashion insane heroine. So, I couldn't get past the main character. I tried four different times. I know, no one is perfect, but I don't think I have actually ever met someone this socially screwed up in my life who didn't have some kind of mental condition.